O.H. Ivie  Reservoir
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Comments about Ivie
America Outdoors (update here)
      "The growing white bass population at O.H. Ivie Reservoir, east of San Angelo, makes it a better white bass fishing destination. It's a young lake, and records are continually being broken. See update for current report."

J.P Greeson's Weekly Fishing Report (update here)

       "Water clear; 75 degrees; 8' low; Black bass to 8.26 pounds are good on Carolina-rigged plastic baits fished in 20 to 30 feet off main lake points. Crappie are good at night on minnows and jigs fished in 25 to 30 feet along river channels. White bass are fair on topwaters and spoons fished during the day and on slabs and minnows at night under lights. Catfish are good on trotlines baited with live bait. See update for current report."
Set The Hook
      "This new reservoir, named for the president of the Colorado River Water District, is a welcome addition to the West Texas fishing scene. Watch this one. It has been stocked with smallmouth bass and the so-called "Arkansas strain" of walleye that has reached weights of 21-22 pounds in Arkansas and Missouri." 
Earl Burleson
       "O.H. Ivie Reservoir is currently one of the best Bass fishing lakes in Texas, and in the nation. Five, six and seven pounders are common, with eight, nine and ten pounders a real possibility. Every trip could produce a new lake record. If Crappie or Catfish is your desire, a fun filled trip is in store. With a large population of Bass, Crappie and Catfish, this lake has some of the best all around fishing in the state."