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You can bank with us 24 hours a day!

The First National Bank of Ballinger and Bank of San Angelo's Telephone Easy Account Manager (TEAM) is your connection to the bank, giving you immediate access to the information you need most often. With TEAM, you can quickly and easily:

  • Make account balance inquiries.
  • Determine the last five transactions on your account.
  • Verify deposit and check transactions.
  • Verify interest paid and earned during tax time.
  • Attain rate information.
  • Transfer money between accounts.

Using TEAM

Before using TEAM, make sure you have your account number(s) handy. This number appears at the top of your statement or the bottom of your check. Also have your Personal Identification Number (PIN) available. The first time you call, your PIN will be the last four digits of the social security or tax ID number of the name that appears first on your account. You will then be instructed to change your PIN to a new four digit number that only you know.

  1. Call (325) 365-4663(HOME) or (325) 365-5570 from any touch tone phone. Some phones have a tone or pulse button. Please make sure yours is on the tone mode.
  2. Wait for the greeting, then follow the simple instructions given to you over the phone. You will be offered a series of menu selections from which to choose.

To access these selections from the Opening Menu, simply press the corresponding number(s) on your telephone.

  For account information and funds transfer, press 1.
  For rate and product information, press 2.
  For instruction on how to use this system, press 3.
  If you are a merchant calling for check verification, press 4.
  For the community bulletin board, press 5.
  To repeat this menu, press 9.

Account Information and Funds Transfer Menu

To access these selections, simply press the corresponding number(s) on your telephone when prompted by TEAM.

  For information on checking and money market accounts, press 1.
  For information on saving accounts, press 2.
  For information on loans accounts, press 3.
  For information on CDs and IRAs, press 4.
  To transfer funds, press 5.
  To return to the previous menu, press 8.

  To repeat this menu, press 9.
  To speak with a customer service representative, press 0.

LOBBY: Monday - Friday

8:30AM - 4PM
DRIVE-THRU: Monday - Thursday
8AM - 5PM
7:30AM - 6PM

911 Hutchings

San Angelo
2635 Valleyview

LOBBY: Monday - Friday
8:30AM - 5:00PM

DRIVE-THRU: Monday - Friday
8AM - 5:30PM
9AM - 12NOON


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